Insurance and Billing

Insurance and Billing

Insurance and Billing

Patient Payments

The patient is responsible for any co-payment, deductible, co-insurance and/or cosmetic service fee on the day of your visit.

Our office accepts payment in the form of: Cash, Checks, Visa, Discover, and Master Card.

Health Insurance Plans

Most major insurance plans are accepted.  Dermatology Associates of Western Pennsylvania cannot guarantee that a service will be covered by your insurance plan.  While our staff will try to assist with questions, it is your responsibility to know the requirements of your individual insurance plan.  When in doubt, we highly recommend contacting your insurance provider prior to your appointment.

We do not accept any medical assistance plans as either primary or secondary insurances.  These include, but are not limited to, Medicaid, Highmark Wholecare, UPMC for You, etc.

Patients without medical insurance can be seen on a fee-for-service basis to be paid at the time of service.

If a referral/authorization is required by your insurance company, you must contact your PCP to obtain the referral/authorization through the insurance company prior to the appointment with our specialist

If a biopsy is taken for treatment or diagnosis purposes, your insurance will be billed separately from the pathologists for their professional services.

Insurance Billing Explanation

Your insurance will be billed a physician professional fee and/or for any procedures performed during your visit.


Most insurances require a co-payment. This is the patient’s responsibility and will be collected the day of your service.


Most insurances have annual deductible requirements of varying amounts. These deductible amounts reset at the beginning of the calendar year. A patient must pay for professional services out-of-pocket until that deductible amount is reached. Once a deductible is met, a patient’s medical insurance will pay towards remaining physician services and medically necessary procedures.


Most insurances also require a co-insurance after the annual deductible is met. The patient is financially responsible for a portion of medical services provided. This amount is usually listed as a percentage that the insurance covers versus the percentage that the patient covers. Common divisions of insurance/patient responsibilities are 90%/10%, 80%/20%, 75%/25%, and 70%/30%. The division of these percentages varies plan by plan, so patients are encouraged to contact their insurance carrier with questions.

Questions Regarding Your Bill

Should you have a question regarding your invoice, please contact our Medical Biller.
Call: 412.262.1064 select prompt 3