We would like to introduce you to our team!

Our Patient Care Coordinators are Nicole, Brooke, Patty, Lindsay, Tiffany, Michelle, Tammy, Stacie, and Tracie.  They will schedule your appointments, prepare your required paperwork, and address any of your non-medical questions.

Our Clinical Staff will answer your medical questions by phone and assist with prescription refill requests.  They will also call you with laboratory and pathology results that have been reviewed by your personal physician.   During your visit to our office, the clinical staff will escort you to an examination suite, document your medical history, and prepare for the physician to see you.  They will also assist with any medical treatment and procedures needed during your visit.  Debbie C, Carolyn, Kierstin, Charline, Jess, Morgan, Mandy, Cody, Izabella, and Liz all work with Dr. Maria, Dr. Brian,  Dr. Osofsky, and Dr. Ali.

Our Mohs Histotechnicians are Carolyn, Jess, and Mandy. Their skillful application of laboratory techniques prepares tissue for microscopic examination by the physician.

Questions about insurance coverage or your account balance with the medical practice will be referred to Richelle and Lindsayour Medical Billers.  They can help you with any Explanation of Benefits (EOB) forms that you receive from your insurance company.

Juliann is our Business Manager and always welcomes feedback regarding our practice and how we can provide you with the best service and medical care possible.